Here’s How Much Prize Amount India Got In The ICC Champions Trophy 2017

Finally, the ICC Champions Trophy has ended and we all had a great time watching the matches.
The final match i.e. the India V/S Pakistan one created lots of controversies but it all ended on a good note. Pakistan deserved to win this match because they were better than India in many aspects.
We were disappointed with India’s performance but there’s always a next time, right? One question that’s revolving in everyone’s mind is “How much prize money did each team get?”. This time, ICC had hiked the amount and gave a whopping 14 crores to the winning team!
So, if Pakistani team got 14 crores, how much did Indian team get? Let’s have a look at the prize amount that each team grabbed.
Pakistan team (Winner) got Rs 14.18 crores!

India (Runner up) got Rs 7 crores!
England (Semi finalists) got Rs 3 crores!
Bangladesh (Semi finalists) got Rs 3 crores!
Australia (3rd spot) got Rs 58 lakhs!
South Africa (3rd spot) got Rs 58 lakhs!
New Zealand (4th spot) got Rs 39 lakhs!
Sri Lanka (4th spot) got Rs 39 lakhs!
Wow, so our Indian team has got Rs 7 crores; not bad at all! So, is your curiosity under control after reading this article?
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