CBSE Board Has Shocked Everyone! Huge Errors Reported In Totaling Of Marks!

Where is our education system heading? Students are working hard to score well in exams but the Board is making some unexpected errors and playing with the future of students.
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Several students have complained that marks are not being totaled properly in Class 12 board exams, due to which the overall percentage is being affected.
Now, CBSE has admitted that there has been a goof up in the totaling of marks. This was after many instances came to light.
How it came to the notice?
Sonali, a student from Delhi, was shocked when she realized that she got just 68 in her Maths exam; she doubted her score because she had got 90 plus marks in all other subjects. Something similar happened in the case of Samiksha Sharma too. She wanted to get into North Campus College, but when she saw just 42 marks in Maths, it looked like an impossible dream. Just like Sonali, even Samiksha scored really well in other subjects i.e. Fine Arts, Business Studies and English.

After applying to CBSE for rechecking, Sonali learnt that she had got 95 marks, while Samiksha was happy to know that the score was 90. One more complaint was received by a student from Mumbai Mohammad Affan, who got 80 percent in other subjects but just 50 in Maths. After his papers were verified, it came to light that his score was 90.
What the CBSE official said?
The CBSE official admitted that a huge number of students have applied for verification of marks. The official further said that the mistakes could be either due to incorrect transfer of marks on the front page or may be due to mistake in the totaling. He said that there could be a possibility of answer sheets being detached.
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Is this justified? Parents are pissed off with this error because re-evaluation is possible only after court’s order. Don’t you think CBSE should bring in transparency to the process and allow re-evaluation instead of just verification?

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