India-Pak Finals Could Be The 3rd Most Watched Match In Cricket History! Can You Guess The 1st And 2nd?

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the India-Pakistan final match of ICC Champions Trophy 2017. In India, Cricket is a religion and when the match is as interesting as this one, viewership is bound to be superb.
People have forgotten all other things today, because they want to enjoy their Sunday by watching this match in peace. So what are your predictions for today’s match? How many of them will watch it? A million, 10 million, or a billion?
Since India has met Pakistan in the finals, the figure could easily create a record; yes, this is exactly what has been predicted by ICC considering the response that audience has given to this India-Pakistan final match.
This match could become the third most viewed match!
According to estimates by ICC, around 324 million people all over the globe will watch this match. Thus, there are great chances of it being the 3rd most viewed cricket match ever. Wondering which matches have occupied the 1st and 2nd position?
Most viewed match!

Well, the most viewed match was the 2011 World Cup final between India and Lanka. The number of viewers were 558 million.
2nd most viewed match!
After the 2011 World Cup final, the 2nd most viewed match was the semi-final between India and Pakistan. The number of viewers were 495 million.
Will India-Pakistan match occupy the 3rd position in terms of viewership?
There’s a good possibility of this turning out to be true. Since the time this ICC Champions Trophy has started, people were wishing that India and Pakistan should battle out in the finals. Now that it has happened, the viewership is going to be HUGE for sure.
What do you think about the stats? Will this match create a record?
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