KRK Slammed Kohli In A Series Of Tweets & Said He Should Be Banned From Playing Cricket!

Indian Captain Virat Kohli was at his best in the match against Bangladesh, but sadly, luck wasn’t in his favor in today’s match. Pakistan won the finals by 180 runs; this is a sad moment for all Indians, but after all, it’s just a game.
Indian cricketers gave their best and we need to support them in sad times too. Just like we celebrate their victories, shouldn’t we be with them during their losses too?
However, KRK just doesn’t understand this logic. The moment Virat was dismissed for 5 runs, he started his Twitter rant. He openly blamed Virat Kohli for team India’s loss.
He slammed Virat Kohli and the team for playing so badly. KRK literally said that Kohli should be banned from playing cricket; has he lost it? Your blood will boil after seeing his series of tweets…
Kohli should be banned!

All the players must be banned!
Revoke the recognition!
People should throw eggs and tomatoes!
You all fixers!
I offer you roles!
You all idiots!
After reading these tweets, don’t you feel that KRK should be banned? He has blamed Kohli for no reason; how can he say that they are “Deshdrohs”? They are the ones who have always made India proud. Reaching the finals is in itself a big ACHIEVEMENT. Has KRK forgotten all that?
Everyone is ready to appreciate the team when it wins, but just because they have lost 1 match, people are criticizing them. This is so wrong!
Indian cricketers are “CHAMPIONS” and no matter, they win or lose, we are always with them!
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