PTI Used An Adult Word For Describing India’s Defeat! Cricket Fans Slammed Them Hard On Twitter!

Yesterday, team India was defeated by Pakistan by 181 runs. It was an embarrassing moment for us but we need to accept it sportingly. As Captain Virat Kohli said, it was a game and yesterday, Pakistan played well.
Pakistani cricket team was good in all 3 departments i.e. bowling, batting and fielding and so, they deserved the trophy. This doesn’t mean team India didn’t play well. Reaching the finals is something that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. They did it and we need to praise them too.
However, since yesterday, some media houses are criticizing the team, especially captain Virat Kohli. We saw fans overreacting on news channels and also saw how reporters used harsh language for this defeat.
Forget all of them, Press Trust of India has crossed the limit! It has used a very bad word for this “Defeat”. After reading the tweet, we were surprised to see their journalistic standards. Have a look at what PTI tweeted…

The tweet read, “#Pakistan spank India by 180 runs in the #ChampionsTrophy final. #CT17.”
Now, “Spank” is an adult word and it is highly unprofessional of them to use it in this relation. If you don’t know the meaning of spank, refer to this screenshot of Google dictionary.
And here’s how people trolled PTI;
Some abuses!
Learn how to write professionally!
Job at risk!
PTI using such words is not at all acceptable. Where have all the journalistic standards gone? What do you have to say after reading the tweet?
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