The Way Fans Reacted After India’s Loss Is Too Melodramatic! You’ll Feel Like Slapping Them!

After India lost the match today, there’s disappointment everywhere. Media houses, cricket fans and experts are only pointing out mistakes in today’s game.
While some people have taken this as a “Sport”, some have crossed all limits of criticism. Is it right to blame the captain and the cricketers for this loss? It’s simple, if 2 teams are playing, one will win and other will lose. There can’t be 2 winners, right?
But some people aren’t understanding this at all; we have come across a video and you’ll be surprised to see the reactions of some fans. It seems they aren’t in their senses.
Some of them are breaking TV sets and some are chanting “Virat Kohli Haay Haay”. Why is so much over-acting needed? Just for publicity, some crazy cricket fans are slamming Kohli and his captaincy.
After seeing this clip, you’ll feel as if someone has died in their family. Their reactions are way too dramatic…

Watch this video right away!

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So what do you have to say about this video? Don’t you think people are lacking the sportsman spirit? What’s the use of reacting this way? Is the result going to be changed?
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